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23 Dec '16

Kawaii Stationery from Japan - the quality

Posted by LINI L
I see many items / products being offered at very attractive price.  They look almost the same from the original product from Japan brands.  I encourage shoppers to try just one of my item and compare with others. You can tell the difference in quality when you see and hold the stationery personally.  I stand behind my items because I love kawaii japan stationery and the quality that comes with it.  Thank you and keep sharing the kawaii!!
16 Jun '16

Amazon Payments is Here

Posted by LINI L

We now accept Amazon Payments!


Apple Pay is coming this Fall. 

Thank you for stopping by everyone.


08 Mar '16

New shipment just arrived

Posted by LINI L

I just received new shipment from Japan. Yeah.... :)

So, please come often and check out many new stationery.


12 Sep '15

Lots of Letter Sets

Posted by LINI L

Hello kawaii fans...

I have added lots of letter sets. Please check them out.

I will be adding more this coming weeks.

Hope you enjoy the collections.


21 Aug '15

First Post

Posted by LINI L

Dear friends,

My passion and my dream finally come to realization.

Alwayz Kawaii grand opening is Saturday August 22, 2015.

We've got lots of stickers, memo / note papers, stationery, letter sets.

Including Toki Doki and Mamegoma stickers.

Please check them out.