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03 Apr '24

Spring is here

Posted by M J in deco tape, spring

Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes a fresh batch of new deco tapes to add some color and creativity to your projects. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just looking to add a pop of fun to your everyday items, these latest updates are sure to inspire you.

What makes these deco tapes special?

The latest deco tapes feature vibrant spring colors, playful patterns, and unique designs that are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your projects. From floral prints, cute animals and irresistible food and healthy fruits theme, there's something for everyone in this new collection.

How can you use these deco tapes?

Deco tapes are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. Use them to decorate your planner, journal, or scrapbook, or add a fun touch to your phone case, laptop, or water bottle. You can even use them to create custom greeting cards, gift wrap, or party decorations.

Where can you find these new deco tapes?

You can find the latest deco tapes at your favorite stationery stores, online retailers, or specialty craft shops. Keep an eye out for limited edition designs and exclusive collaborations that are sure to make your projects stand out.

So why wait? Embrace the spirit of spring with these new deco tapes and let your creativity blossom!

03 May '19


Posted by M J

I have not write for awhile but I found one topic to share today. 

I have been getting questions regarding 'flake stickers':  are they stickers? do they stick?

And I have been baffled by the question They are called stickers, of course it should stick. These flake stickers are die cut papers with sticky part/glue on the back, covered by backing.  To use the flake stickers:  peel the backing and stick the sticker to a surface of your choice.

But I think now I understand why many people have expressed their experience of getting flake stickers that do Not Stick.  There are many Counterfeit flake stickers being sold in Ebay and Etsy.  Those counterfeit flake stickers are low quality and the backings might be hard to peel; or they might be so irresponsible and just don't bother to apply the sticky/glue part.  What a shame!

Please note that at Alwayz Kawaii, we only sell authentic products. We sell mostly Japanese brand stationery / stickers. They are mostly made in Japan or China. Again, we only sell original authentic product.

Thank you for stopping by our store and your continuing business.

Happy Kawaii!


20 Mar '18

Shipping, Handling and the Cost

Posted by D Williams

We use the USPS as our shipping carrier. First Class Package for regular orders. Priority Mail for larger orders. They are reliable and accessible to everyone, everywhere.  Shipping cost is based on package weight, size and distance.

Most the time (more than 90%) our shipping calculator get the shipping cost right. For large orders and international shipping, the calculation gets trickier as the size and the weight counts.  When the shipping charge that we quote is more than $2 above net cost, we will issue a refund (for the shipping cost overcharge). Please note that shipping cost includes the actual shipping cost plus packaging and handling cost (about $0.75 to $2).

Anything in between, we always make sure to add suprise / bonus items for the difference.

Thank you for your continuing support to US small business.

22 Jan '18

Happy 2018 and Product Inquiry

Posted by D Williams

Happy New Year everyone.

Please come visit us often, we will add lots and lots of new items regularly.

We sell on multiple platforms, so we post products in limited quantities to avoid over selling and ending up with issuing a lot of refund (and causing disappointment).  If you see items that are sold out, feel free to email/message us to inquire if there are more still available. We do sometimes still have more in our inventory and do not get a chance to update yet.


28 Jun '17

Example of genuine and questionable products

Posted by D Williams
We want to show the difference of authentic Japanese sack stickers and the questionable product available in online auction place (you know who/what).

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