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20 Mar '18

Shipping, Handling and the Cost

Posted by D Williams

We use the USPS as our shipping carrier. First Class Package for regular orders. Priority Mail for larger orders. They are reliable and accessible to everyone, everywhere.  Shipping cost is based on package weight, size and distance.

Most the time (more than 90%) our shipping calculator get the shipping cost right. For large orders and international shipping, the calculation gets trickier as the size and the weight counts.  When the shipping charge that we quote is more than $2 above net cost, we will issue a refund (for the shipping cost overcharge). Please note that shipping cost includes the actual shipping cost plus packaging and handling cost (about $0.75 to $2).

Anything in between, we always make sure to add suprise / bonus items for the difference.

Thank you for your continuing support to US small business.

22 Jan '18

Happy 2018 and Product Inquiry

Posted by D Williams

Happy New Year everyone.

Please come visit us often, we will add lots and lots of new items regularly.

We sell on multiple platforms, so we post products in limited quantities to avoid over selling and ending up with issuing a lot of refund (and causing disappointment).  If you see items that are sold out, feel free to email/message us to inquire if there are more still available. We do sometimes still have more in our inventory and do not get a chance to update yet.


28 Jun '17

Example of genuine and questionable products

Posted by D Williams
We want to show the difference of authentic Japanese sack stickers and the questionable product available in online auction place (you know who/what).
18 May '17

Summer 2017 - New Items

Posted by LINI L

Hello kawaii fans!

I was busy with school and did not have time to add new items.  I am finally done now with my class. So I will add new items soon.  Please come visit often and check out the many new items.  I've got lots of them! 

Have a great summer!

23 Dec '16

Kawaii Stationery from Japan - the quality

Posted by LINI L
I see many items / products being offered at very attractive price.  They look almost the same from the original product from Japan brands.  I encourage shoppers to try just one of my item and compare with others. You can tell the difference in quality when you see and hold the stationery personally.  I stand behind my items because I love kawaii japan stationery and the quality that comes with it.  Thank you and keep sharing the kawaii!!