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03 May '19


Posted by M J

I have not write for awhile but I found one topic to share today. 

I have been getting questions regarding 'flake stickers':  are they stickers? do they stick?

And I have been baffled by the question They are called stickers, of course it should stick. These flake stickers are die cut papers with sticky part/glue on the back, covered by backing.  To use the flake stickers:  peel the backing and stick the sticker to a surface of your choice.

But I think now I understand why many people have expressed their experience of getting flake stickers that do Not Stick.  There are many Counterfeit flake stickers being sold in Ebay and Etsy.  Those counterfeit flake stickers are low quality and the backings might be hard to peel; or they might be so irresponsible and just don't bother to apply the sticky/glue part.  What a shame!

Please note that at Alwayz Kawaii, we only sell authentic products. We sell mostly Japanese brand stationery / stickers. They are mostly made in Japan or China. Again, we only sell original authentic product.

Thank you for stopping by our store and your continuing business.

Happy Kawaii!