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Grab Bag Stickers: 100 pcs

Grab Bag Stickers: 100 pcs

$ 7.55

This is a grab / surprise bag:

100 flake stickers (100 different designs) from Japanese brand Q-Lia, Kamio, Crux, MindWave, San-X, Fortissimo, and others.

+++ As a bonus you will get one large flake sticker chosen at random.

Designs / themes:   sweets, cakes, donuts, bunny, cat, kitten, chocolate, cute animals, dream fairy tale, clover, foods, hearts, penguin, rabbit, panda, bear, hearts, girl friends, dog, puppies, seals, Rilakkuma, Sentimental Circus, pig, monster, ghost, tooth, etc.

The size of each sticker is about 1/2 to 2/3 inch.

Stickers are randomly selected from our extensive collections.

They are so cute and kawaii.

Great for gift, party favor, planner, scrapbook, reward, paper craft, journal, collecting, fun, kawaii surprise and