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Kawaii Cute San-X Rilakkuma Cat Stationery Set

Kawaii Cute San-X Rilakkuma Cat Stationery Set

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A special set of San-x Rilakkuma Cat stationery set from San-X 2015 Japan, which includes:

♥  4 letter sets (4 different designs: 8 writing papers, 4 matching envelopes)
♥ 20 regular memo sheets (10 different designs)
♥ 24 mini memo sheets (8 different designs)

The size of writing paper is about 5.75 x 7.75 inch.
The size of memo sheet is about 4 x 6 inch.
The size of mini memo sheet is about 2.5 x 3.5 inch.
You will receive all the designs shown on the pictures.

So cute, kawaii and fun!

Awesome for collecting and gift.

Perfect for making someone feel special with a love note.
.... for writing my friends/family across the country with cute thinking of you notes
.... for scrapbooking, Playtime, Invitations, Cards, Journals, Projects, Decorations
.... for birthday gift, party favor
.... for collecting
and many many other uses that bring lots of smile ....